Westland Survival Mod Apk (Free Craft, Unlimited Food)


Westland Survival Mod Apk is a very diverse and mesmerizing game with the fascinating storyline of a cowboy. The game features the West's civilization in the 19th century of American history, and it's a really fun and enjoyable process to live and play a role in old western culture.
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January 13, 2022
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Download Westland Survival Mod Apk

Westland Survival Mod Apk

Westland Survival MOD APK is an RPG game with tremendously spectacular graphics and three-dimensional visuals. This game features the whole western civilization from the 19th century of American history. Players could experience the life of being a cowboy.

Survive in the dangerous west culture of the 19th century and take over the city with your skills and strategy. The game is an entirely open world in nature. Moreover, you could wander around all over the Oregon state, challenge and fight the other cowboys from all over the state, steal the money and weapons from the ended battles and take over the whole city.

Westland Survival Apk Gameplay

Westland Survival is more adventurous and thrilling. Unlike other games, it features a complete blend of strategy, adventure, action and a fascinating storyline. Players have to fight the thugs and bandits on the streets of the city with different ammunition.

Different weapons and ammunition can be stolen from the thieves and dead bodies of gangsters in the battles field. Players can also do animal hunting in this game. Westland Survival Apk features the most exotic animals from the West, which are readily available for hunting.

Players could craft their own weapons and equipment to survive. The storyline of the game begins with your character driving in the middle of the desert of Texas, and suddenly some bandits invade you and steal everything you have like your money, weapons and your ride. Players need to survive in the middle of the desert on their own.

You could visit small towns around you, complete small challenges to earn money. Use the earned money to make purchases of new gears and equipment. Fight the enemies and bandits to take over the city. Build your own assets and enjoy the adventure of exploring the western culture of the 19th century.

Westland Survival Apk Features:

Open World Environment:

  • Westland Survival is a vast open-world game with spectacular locations and landmarks from the 19th century west and America’s fantastic landscape. Players could also roam and explore all over the state by visiting different locations, landmarks, villages, landscapes, small towns, mountains, deserts, and urban cities. Explore the New locations, meet diverse people, complete different challenges and events to earn some extra money and enjoy the overall civilization of the 19th century of American history.


  • The gameplay of Westland survival is pretty interactive in terms of controlling the game. Players can talk with random people from all over the state and get advice and guidance from them. Players can hunt lots of different animals around them to prepare their own food for survival. Also, players can gather other materials to craft their own weapons and equipment for survival. Players also have the option to build their own safe home to protect themselves from bandits.

Action And Adventure:

  • Westland Survival Apk features lots of action in the battle with bandits and other cowboys from all over the Westland. The game features lots of adventure, and players have to save the village from the burglary of bandits to win villagers trust. The game features a beautiful storyline, exotic location and seamless action.

Tips To Play:

  • The players can easily customize their characters’ appearance like their beard styles, clothes, skin colours, and overall look.
  • Players must complete random events and challenges to earn money for survival.
  • Gather the precious items, golds, money and other upgrades from the dead bodies of killed enemies.
  • Players can also gather different crafts and materials to build their own weapons and other survival equipment.
  • Earned coins and money could be used to make purchases of shelters for yourself, new rides, houses, equipment and other upgrades.

Westland Survival Mod Apk

Westland Survival Mod features unlimited money and unlocked equipment, which you can use to purchase and build new weapons and houses and make yourself unbeatable in front of enemies. Also in modified Version you could survive for a more extended period of time by regaining your health with unlimited money.

New exotic locations are already unlocked to visit in the mod APK of Westland survival. Players have limitless options to customize their characters in terms of appearance, clothing, and equipment for survival. Players can also play limitlessly by using these coins and unlimited money in the mod APK of the Westland survival game.

Westland Survival Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

  • Players have access to unlimited money, which they can use to make purchases of different things like weapons, equipment, upgrades, houses and other cool stuff.

Lots Of Customization Options:

  • Mod Version of Westland Survival features many customization options in terms of clothing, skin colours, weapons, equipment, tools, rides, and other essential upgrades. Also, players have access to all the new promotions for absolutely free with unlimited money.

Improved Gameplay:

  • Westland Survival MOD offers you a more Improved and smooth gameplay experience than the normal apk. Players can change the settings of resolutions and graphics visuals according to the compatibility of their devices.

Westland Survival Download Guide:

Westland Survival Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to build your weapons in the game?

Players can develop their weapons by gathering different materials and crafts from the battlefields and other forest areas.

How to replace the normal APK with the mod APK?

Download the mod APK and install the mode APK over the existing game.

How to change the resolution of the game?

Players could easily change the game’s resolutions by going into the main menu, settings and then tap on the resolution and visuals settings. Players can customize the solution of the game according to the compatibility of their smartphone devices.


Westland Survival Mod Apk is a very diverse and mesmerizing game with the fascinating storyline of a cowboy. The game features the West’s civilization in the 19th century of American history, and it’s a really fun and enjoyable process to live and play a role in old western culture.

What's new

  • New exotic and mesmerizing locations have been added to the more recent update of the game.
  • Players have access to new weapons and equipment in the store, and they could gather new crafts for survival.
  • Bugs, Lags and glitches have been removed to make your experience flawless and super smooth in terms of gameplay.
  • There are lots of new customizable characters available in the store. Now players also have access to customize their characters according to their selection.



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