Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Pokecoins)


Pokemon Go Mod Apk is the most advanced virtual reality based game for android and IOS platforms. It brings the mythology of our beloved Pokémon to reality. If you love to play virtual reality game, then Pokémon go is best game for you to play. So, start playing it from today.
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Download Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon Go MOD APK is a virtual Pokémon collecting game. Players use their smartphone devices to catch Pokémon’s in the real world. This application is based upon GPS technology. By using GPS, players could find their favorite Pokémon character. Found Pokémon characters can be trained for fights and Pokémon tournaments in the virtual world.

Pokemon Go Apk Gameplay

Pokemon Go Gameplay begins with your map location on the screen. Players have to follow the navigation in order to catch a Pokémon in the virtual world. As you follow the navigations of the screen, you will see the traces of your Pokémon character in the virtual world.

Once you find the Pokémon character, you have to throw the Pokémon ball on the character in order to enclose it. Pokémon go application is basically a combination of virtual world and the physical world. Players could also fight tournament with their collected Pokémon.

Winning the battles will reward players with new Pokémon character and coins. Pokémon can also be upgraded by using coins. The Attacking power of Pokémon can be enhanced by using coins and new skills will help players to win the tournaments.

Players can make their Pokémon fight for them. Pokémon go apk works online and can also be connected with other social media accounts. Connecting with your social media account will allow you to play with fellow mates. Connecting with your social media account will reward you more coins.

Graphical representation of this game proceeds in an entirely different perspective of gaming. This application brings you diversity of two dimension, Players interact through other players in the physical world. While the virtual character fits perfectly with the real world, that it seems like the virtual character came to life.

Pokemon Go Apk Features:

Virtual Interaction With Physical World:

  • Pokemon Go is one of the rarest applications which gives users the option to interact physically with the virtual world. This application basically emerges two different dimensions into one.
  • Pokemon go apk uses phone GPS to create the environment to find the Pokémon in the real world. Developers of this game designed the characters in unique way. Three dimensionally designed characters fit perfectly with the physical world by using smartphone cameras.

Online Tournaments:

  • Players must wander outside in order to catch a Pokémon characters. Found character can be used in an online tournament. Online tournaments could be held with your social media friends or other random people available online from all around the world.Online tournament features multiple Pokémon battles where your collected characters fight for you.If someone wins the tournament then he will be rewarded by the coins, gems and the Pokémon character of the losing player.

Character Customization:

  • Pokemon go gives the vast variety of options in terms of selecting their character. Pokémon go APK features more than six hundred plus characters in terms of selection. Players could simply build their own character with large customization options. You could design facial characteristics, and body shape of your Pokémon character. Bring your imagination to reality.

Tips To Play:

  • Users must have compatible android devices in order to run this application. The requirement of application is up to 5.0 android version. Android device must have up to two gigabytes of RAM and at least dual core processor to run this game.
  • Players must have to enable the GPS in their android device system settings in order to run this application.
  • Strong internet connection is mandatory for operating this application
  • Players must have to wander outside of their home location. Users must have to travel different locations in order to catch Pokémon characters.
  • Aiming the Pokémon ball correctly is mandatory in order to catch the character.
  • Collected characters can be trained by using mini battles and tournaments.
  • Players could build their own team to make their community strong.
  • Collected Pokémon can be your best friends and you could increase your bonding with it by simply feeding your character.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon Go Mod features the unlimited coins and unlimited characters’ customization options. New updates and classical customization makes it more fun and enjoyable to play. Diversity in Pokémon character is another unique feature of the mod APK.

Now players don’t need to be restricted with their coins in their account in order to purchase new Pokémon character. Now players can play as much as they want. Users can now team up with more than 6 people at the same time.

Online Battles and tournaments are more immersive and exclusive in terms of advancement. “Pokémon Go” is based on our beloved young age TV show Pokémon. Developers made this application backed by the storyline of Pokémon show. Players could create their own character with different mythological powers, which helps them to achieve the glory of victory in the battle.

Pokemon Go Mod Features:

Unlimited Cp Coins:

  • Now players don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive characters from the regular APK. Now they could just simply download mod Apk and can have access to unlimited CP coins and character customization.

Exclusive Seasons:

  • Mod APK allows you to access exclusive seasons and new themes for your application. New seasons includes different new upgrades with enhanced performance and improved visuals.

Unlimited Customization:

  • Pokemon Go MOD allows its users to have limitless customization according to their own choice. Players could customize the already existing character or they could just simply build their own by using their own imagination and creativity. Establishment of new team is more joy with mod of Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go Download Guide:

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install this Mod APK on Phone?

Simply download the mod APK file in your phone and tap on it to start installation after enabling the unknow sources from the settings of your phone. When installation is complete, you can play the game.

Is Pokemon Go Mod APK safe to install?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download and install because it is tested and verified by our team. So, install it without any hesitation.


Pokemon Go Mod Apk is the most advanced virtual reality based game for android and IOS platforms. It brings the mythology of our beloved Pokémon to reality. If you love to play virtual reality game, then Pokémon go is best game for you to play. So, start playing it from today.

What's new

  • New customization option included this time. Now players have access to many newer Pokémon characters.
  • Glitches and Lags has been removed from the application to make the user experience smooth.
  • GPS accuracy also has been improved as compared to the previous predecessor version.
  • New seasons are also included in the new update.



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