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Mr Bullet Mod Apk is a basic game that provides a lot of fun. You may play this game whenever you have free time. It will undoubtedly pique your attention. Thank you, and have a good time playing.
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Download Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Mr Bullet MOD APK is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game in which you may show off your sharpshooting abilities by playing as a spy and eliminating foes. It is your goal as a renowned spy to remove the evil guys utilizing your shooting abilities and your ability to solve tricky riddles. Mr. Bullet will provide you with various intriguing and challenging objectives that will make physics fun to play.

Mr Bullet Mod Apk Gameplay

Lion Studios’ Mr. Bullet: Spy Puzzles is a mobile puzzle action game. The user takes part in the execution of numerous contract killings as part of the game. To complete the level with the least amount of ammunition possible, use your wits and inside goods.

A true pro needs one bullet to eliminate all opponents. You’ll find yourself in various places, including Japan and Europe, as well as a variety of opponents, skins, and encounter modes. The assignments will be simple at first, but Mr. Bullet has several levels, and hitting your target will get more difficult as you continue.

You have a clean shot of your foes at the start of the game, but you will meet various obstructions that will prevent you from gaining a clear picture as you go through the stages. Boulders and steel planks, for example, will get in the path of your photos.

The game only allows you to use a certain amount of rounds every round to make things more complex. You must be able to shoot your opponents before you run out of ammo, so make sure to scrutinize the situation before firing.

Mr Bullet Apk Features:

Defend The Planet From Evildoers:

  • Mister Bullet, like James Bond, is a brilliant spy. He is frequently dispatched to assassinate bad men, thugs, mafia, zombies, and even aliens. He can take out any opponent with a gun. Even though Mr. Bullet is primarily a shooting game, it is also a puzzle game. That is, you must discover a strategy to eliminate as many adversaries as possible while using the fewest amount of bullets feasible.

There Are Hundreds Of Levels:

  • You can immediately recognize the similarities between these two games if you’ve played Angry Birds. Both games need you to shoot accurately to accomplish the level’s requirements. In addition, Mr. Bullet Apk now includes hundreds of stories that relate to the brain-twisting difficulty. That isn’t all, though. As you go through the stages, you’ll have the chance to visit various locales and fight a variety of adversaries. In Graveyard, for example, you’ll combat the undead, the mafia in Bullet City, and Ninja in Shogun’s Castle.

Unlock Armor And Weaponry:

  • When you complete a level, you gain access to a variety of new features. To begin, the game offers a variety of intriguing suits from which to pick. You may transform this spy into a monarch, a vampire, a retired spy, or even a female agent by changing his appearance. Unlock the suits in the Shop; that’s all there is to it. For a spy like Mister Bullet, weapons are essential. He carries a handgun, grenade, and bazooka as his primary armaments. In most cases, you can do the assignment with just one bullet. Some unique modes allow you to unlock and use grenades and bazookas.


  • Mr. Bullet Apk offers basic, amusing 2D visuals with various colors, similar to Lion Studios’ other puzzle games. However, the graphics provide gamers with a sense of warmth and relaxation. This game is an excellent alternative if you’re getting tired of graphics-intensive games like PUBG Mobile. Because the visuals aren’t very complex, the game may be played on various Android devices, including low-end phones.

Tips To Play:

One thing to keep in mind when playing Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzles is that you won’t always be able to accomplish a level with three stars with only one bullet. When the yellow bullet appears on your screen, it indicates how many shots you’ll need to complete the group with three stars.

You may make double shots by double-tapping on the screen. The second bullet will reach the target before the top wooden boxes tumble down on some levels with numerous wooden boxes. You may x2 the bonuses on a level by watching adverts. Each commercial lasts roughly 30 seconds, and you may watch them all boost your premium

Mr Bullet Mod Apk

A physics-based puzzle with arcade aspects in which you play as a super-agent must act as your main objective is to rescue the planet, which can only be accomplished by killing all adversaries in the area. However, shooting adversaries in bursts does not work; each shot must be well planned and thought out, as ammo is limited, and each trigger pull determines the course of events. In addition to the story missions, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test against other spies, which will add to the game’s suspense.

Mr Bullet Mod Features:

  • Money that never runs out.
  • Skins Have Been Unlocked.

Mr Bullet MOD APK Download Guide:

Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Frequenly Asked Questions:

In this game, what are the advantages of acquiring a VIP Golden Pass?

There are several advantages to obtaining a VIP Golden pass in the Mr. Bullet game, including ad-free gameplay, unlocking levels, receiving keys to unique missions, and receiving a Golden pistol.

Can we play this game offline?

Yes, Mr. Bullet may be played in offline mode without any restrictions or concerns.

Is there any advertising in this game?

Yes, there are many adverts in the game that cause a lot of annoyance, but you can eliminate them through the app store.

What can I expect from the Mr Bullet mod apk?

You will get infinite money as well as the ability to unlock all levels.
Money that never runs out.
Infinite Levels are a type of game in which there are no limits to.
Golden Ticket for Free.
There are no advertisements.


Mr Bullet Mod Apk is a basic game that provides a lot of fun. You may play this game whenever you have free time. It will undoubtedly pique your attention. Thank you, and have a good time playing.

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