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Mafia City Mod Apk is a fun and exciting game to play with open world amazing visual interaction and activities. The vast open world contains exotic mansions, cars, high tech weapons, which players could use to dominate the whole city.
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Dec 5, 2022
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Download Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City MOD APK is an amazing open world game for the android platform. Mafia City include vast open world map and huge sky touching city with an amazing architecture design. Open world games are really rare on android platforms so it’s on the rarest game for android device. Game includes beautiful and adventurous storyline and tremendously amazing graphics.

Mafia City Apk Gameplay

Game begins with a developer’s logo which is ‘yotta games’ then players will see the brief storyline background video. The video will give the idea about the past story of our main character. Players have a huge variety of options to do various activities in the vast open world game.

The graphical representation is three dimensional with amazing and mesmerizing visuals. You can rob banks, steal cars from civilians, kill anyone on the streets and date every single pretty girl in the town. Players can build their own mafia team which will help them to take over the city and defeat its enemies.

Users must require a well-planned strategy in order proceed through different levels in the game. You must be aware of other mafia gang members on the streets and their activity. Defeating and killing other gangs is very necessary to maintain your terror on the streets.

You could also get money as extortion from other businessmen to let them run their business on the street. Weapons and other ammunition can be purchased or steel by the other gang members or cops.

There are a lot of pretty and hot girls all around the streets, players can date them every single day in order to increase their attraction appeal.

Mafia City Apk Features:

Vast Open World:

  • Mafia City is based on an epic storyline which includes the vast open world environment for the players. Game features a tremendously large city map which includes mansions, buildings, parks, clubs, ghetto areas, religious places, world heritage sites, Offices and houses. Properties can be purchased or sold according to the player choice. Mafia city based on virtual 3D graphical representation and high resolution visuals with HD compatibility.

Adventurous Storyline:

  • One of the most key features of this game. It’s storyline. Storyline initiates with the main character who is a common street thug or thieves. Main character steals money and vehicles from civilians for living. His career progress increases as the storyline proceeds further. As the story goes further and further, the character becomes financially strong and earns lot of respect from his gang members.

Online Compatibility:

  • Players can also play online with their fellow mates on social media. You could create your own gang in order to strengthen your hold on the streets of the city. Always pay attention to the random events happening all over the city. Random events will help you earn more assets and money. You could purchase millionaire mansions and generate the income from your assets.

Tips To Play:

  • Players must have compatible android devices if they want to play Mafia city. Mafia City requires two gigabytes of Ram with dual core processor and higher GPU.
  • Users must pay close attention to the random events happening all over the city in order to get more storyline missions.
  • Graphics and resolution are customizable according to the user’s device compatibility.
  • Game includes other Mafia tycoons; Players must have to gain the trust of tycoons by working according to their will.
  • Larger mission will reward you with a lot of cash and respect.
  • Invading other gang members is not that easy, you must have high technology weapons in order to defeat the rival gangs.
  • Always work on your strategy in order to take over the city.

Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City Mod features unlimited coins and unlocked characters which makes this game much easier to play. Now players don’t have to worry about getting killed by rival gang members now players can regain their health by using unlimited money.

Players have access to new vehicles like sports cars, heavy bikes, transportation wagons, and many more. Always wander around with your gang members, this would help you to increase your terror on the citizens of the city.

Improve your shooting skills in order to kill your enemies without getting damaged or hurt by the other shooters. Have a strong driving skill in order to chase your targets, this skill will reward you with gems at the end of the missions.

Mafia City Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

  • Mafia City Mod APK allows you to purchase unlimited good stuff like Millionaire mansions, exotic cars and locations, Upgraded weapons and many more. Unlimited money comes with the benefits of immortality in this game. You will be always glorified with victory whenever you invade the other tribes and gang members.

Unlimited Dating Option:

  • Now players have access to new and hot pretty babes around the city. Players can date a new girl every day just by visiting clubs and festivals occurring around the city. Users can also wander with three to four girls at the same time in order to show off their wealth and prosperity.

Updated Seasons:

  • Folks! You don’t need to be stuck with older locations and seasons in the game. Mafia City Mod APK gives you access to new exciting seasons for free, so players don’t need to spend their hard earned money on expensive seasons.

Mafia City Download Guide:

Mafia City Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it Save to download and install this Mod APK File?

Yes, this Mod APK file is 100% to use in your phone or PC because it is tested and verified by our team.

How to get unlimited cash and gold in Mafia City Mod game?

If you are looking for unlimited cash and gold in Mafia city game for free, then must download and install our given Mod APK because it gives you all paid assets free.

Is this Mafia City Mod APK latest version?

Yes, it is updated version of Mafia City Mod Apk with all the updated features. So, must try this mod APK file.


Mafia City Mod Apk is a fun and exciting game to play with open world amazing visual interaction and activities. The vast open world contains exotic mansions, cars, high tech weapons, which players could use to dominate the whole city.

What's new

  • New update features spring lantern event in the city, which features hot and pretty girls all around the city ready for mating.
  • Sniping skills of character also have been improved as compared to previous versions.
  • Weapon are upgraded and new customization are also available for them, which increases your Characters assassination skills.
  • Your character is customizable, you could change its appearance including its clothes, hairstyles, facial characteristics, body type, tattoos and many more.



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