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Islands War Mod Apk is a delightful strategy game. This game brings you back to the middle age times when soldiers used to use swords, archers and shields for the war.
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Island War Mod Apk

Island War MOD APK is a troop battling strategic game with high resolutions and graphics visuals. Build your own army and defend your islands against the enemies from other islands’ army invasions. Players can also invade other islands and territories in order to increase their kingdom and be the true leader of all nations.

This game requires lots of strategy and mind in order to glorify your team with victory. If you want to survive and increase your kingdom, then you must have to keep fighting with other nations. Defeating the other islands will help you increase your army and the size of your territory. 

Island War Apk Gameplay

Island War brings you back into the middle age when people used to use swords, archers, and metal shields to fight the battles instead of tanks, guns and bombs. Recruit the Vikings in your army and build a stronger army to dominate over other people’s. The gameplay is really immersive and strategic.

Players would never get bored by the gameplay of island war. Players have to invade the other islands and at the same time defend their islands from others attack. This game also supports multiplayer compatibility, which means you can also play along with your friends, family and relatives on social media sites. Players can also recruit real players in their army to compete with the enemies online.

Winning the battles and tournaments will reward you with different prizes like coins, gems and other upgrades. You can initiate the war any time; any completing the unexpected challenges will reward you with high rankings and levels. High ranking and levels will help you to get access to premium upgrades and equipment. You could also unlock new islands and locations by winning the battles. 

Island War Apk Features:

Unique Strategies:

  • The gameplay of Island War Apk features unique strategic gameplay, players have to invade the enemies, and at the same time, they have to defend their islands from the enemies invasions. Players have to continuously provoke wars in order to stay dominant over the other teams. Players must have to upgrade their equipment to increase their fighting skills and powers. Winning the battles and tournaments will get you the achievements and other Important upgrades in the game. 

Multiplayer Mode:

  • Islands War Apk also features a multiplayer mode, which means you could easily compete online with many players from all around the world. Battling and fighting with real players instead of bots is a fun and enjoyable process. Players can play as much as they want limitlessly on online mode. You could also share your score on your social media accounts directly with the Island’s war sharing option.

Middle Age Time’s Battles:

  • War islands feature middle age time’s when soldiers used to use swords, archers, shields and huge hammers to invade other nations. The Island’s war brings you back to the time. Players can enjoy middle age times wars and experience becoming the king of multiple territories around them. 

Tips To Play:

  • Players must have stable and robust wifi or mobile data internet connection to play this game online. 
  • The resolutions of graphical representation and visuals are easily customizable according to your Android smartphone device’s compatibility. 
  • The users must have at least 150 megabytes of free space in their device storage. 
  • Users also must have 2 gigabytes of Ram to run the game on their android devices. 
  • Players must have to build a proper strategy to execute their enemies and win the battles.
  • Players can also take part in small challenges and random events to earn some extra coins. 

Islands War Mod Apk

Islands War MOD features unlimited Coins and Gems, which will help you to score more points and become unbeatable in battling ground. Now players don’t have to worry about losing their lives during the battles because you can regain your health as much time as you want by using the unlimited money.

Islands War also gives access to the new unlocked weapons and gears, which you can use to improve your fighting skills and increase your strategic strength. The modify version of Islands War features unlocked locations and islands, making the game an even more exciting and fun process to play. Players do not have to complete the tedious challenges to unlock their favourite locations or equipment; these things are already unlocked with islands war mod.

Island War Mod Features:

Unlimited Coins And Gems:

  • Islands War Modify Version features unlimited coins and Gems, which players can use to regain their health line. Now players don’t have to worry about losing their life or being assassinated by the other players. These coins can also be used for purchasing new upgrades and gears for your characters and unlocking the new weapons and equipment.

Unlimited Customization Options:

  • Mod of Islands War features unlimited customization options in terms of the character’s appearance, battling equipment and locations. All the premium locations and weapons are already unlocked with the mod apk. Now players don’t need to stick with old locations and levels.

Island War Download Guide:

Island War Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the scenario of the Island War Mod?

Players have to defend their islands, and at the same time, they attack the other islanders to increase their territories and glorify themselves with victory.

How to compete online with other friends?

You are signing up with your social media accounts and inviting your friends to download and join the game community.

How to unlock new upgrades?

Your rank and level go up when you pass through each level, and these level ups can help you unlock newly upgradable


Islands War Mod Apk is a delightful strategy game. This game brings you back to the middle age times when soldiers used to use swords, archers and shields for the war. 

What's new

  • The newer update features new upgrades and achievements. 
  • The new locations and islands are included in the newer update. 
  • The newer update also has new customizable weapons and characters. 
  • The bugs, glitches and Lags have been removed to make your experience super clean and flawless. 
  • The interface and overall performance have been improved. 



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