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Episode Mod Apk is the most addictive and diverse storyline game to play out there. Huge options to customization regarding characters and stories bring this application to the next level. Online storyline mode is more fun and enjoyable to play. So, what are you waiting for? Go, ahead and install this fantastic game right now.
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Episode Mod APK

Episode (choose your story) is a tales-telling application, but the difference is that players can quickly drive the story in the way they want. Download and install Episode Mod APK because it’s basically a funny story game, which the players of this game entirely customize. This game has different story turns, which completely depend upon the decisions you make.

Episode Choose Your Story Apk Gameplay

The gameplay begins with choosing and customizing your own character in a story. Players can be whatever they want to become regardless of the story. You could select your gender, body type, hair, skin color, clothing, facial characteristics, and much more. Players can design their own characters and choose their own storylines.

The decisions you will make will decide the turns and end of the story. The Episode is a world-widely played addicted game with billions of downloads. Players play again and revive their choices to watch different endings of the storyline. Storylines are immersive, dramatic, thrilling, and adventurous. Your creativity and imagination can be turned out as reality.

You could be the hero of your own story regardless of other characters in the storyline. You can read the published stories, or you could create your own. Every single decision you will make could change the ending of the story. Players could also discover the techniques to caught lairs in the storyline. Every single step of yours will decide your fortune in this game. So always be careful with the decisions you make. Players will be rewarded with gems and coins as they surge toward the further storyline.

Episode Apk Features:

Character Customization:

  • Episode Apk allows their users to become the lead character of their own stories with a wide variety of character customization. Character customization includes the appearance of facial features, hair colour, skin colour, body type, ethnic background, and gender. Storyline completely depends upon the decision you make.

Storyline Catalogue:

  • Episode app is a tale-telling application. Players can select their favourite story and easily change the endings and character sequences according to their means. With the vast collection of exciting and revolutionary stories, the possibilities of enjoyment are limitless. Storylines are filled with action, adventure, thrill, motivation, and breathtaking drastic endings.

Never Ending Sequel:

  • The stories are repeatable and customizable; if players want to change any account’s climax or disposition any character from the story, there are many options to do so. Players can reach up to thousands of different levels and different endings. This series also includes the most top-rated stories published by favourite writers and authors.

Online Gameplay:

  • Episode Apk allows their users to play their own customized story online with their fellow mates on social media. Players could sign in with their social media account and create their own unique story with their community circle. As players surge further toward the new level, they will be rewarded with the gem and coins. The more gems players have, the more chances they will have to win the game.

Tips To Play:

  • Players must be creative with their customization to score more and win in the end.
  • The resolution and graphics of this game are customizable according to the specification of Android devices.
  • Users must have a stable mobile data connection to compete online with their fellow mates.
  • Gems and Coins can be used to upgrade their character and their abilities using story.
  • You could also publish your storyline for other players and create your own community.
  • Mysteries in the game are complicated and immersive, so players should be careful with each step.
  • Players must pay attention to minor details and turns in the story to succeed in the climax.

Episode Mod APK

First of all, we are going to talk about the unlimited coins and gems in the game. Episode Mod APK of episodes gives access to users to play unlimitedly without any restrictions. Players could easily customize their character with a massive new variety of clothes, hair colors, new diverse facial options, skin colors, and overall appearance.

Players could also join online dating tournaments and could easily be the hero of the love of their life. The story includes more adventurous turns, actions, fights, complications, and spiritual aspects to living life properly. Mysteries in the Episodes Mod APK are more immersive and dramatic; Players could enjoy thousands of different secrets, puzzles, and quests.

Episode Mod APK also features most top-rated stories like love on fire, Rulebreaker, the kiss list, It’ll Be our secret, I Married a millionaire, and Friends with benefits. Players could be creative with their own stories by using their imagination. You could also get inspired by the other authors on the list with their top-rated stories.

Episode Mod allows its users to be completely interactive with the game, which means the story goes by how you want to drive it. So the journey of adventures is never-ending.

Episode Mod Features:

Unlimited Gems:

  • One of the most critical features of mod APK is that it features unlimited coins and gems. The possibilities to play are never-ending with the Episodes Mod APK. Now players don’t need to be desperate about collecting gems and coins to make customization. Players could easily customize their story and characters limitlessly by using Episodes Mod.

New Storylines:

  • Now players have access to the top exotic and most-watched stories catalogue written by the top-rated writers. The new storylines feature the following stories:
  • Pretty little liars.
  • Selfish girls.
  • Clueless.
  • Path of fame.
  • Falling for Twins.

Unique Catalogue:

  • Mod version of Episode has a unique catalogue with a vast option to choose different categories of stories. Players don’t need to be stuck with old conventional stories; now, players could enjoy new modern stories produced by new creator talent.

Episode Download Guide:

Episode Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps for Episode APK or Episodes Mod APK Download?

Installation of the Episodes Mod APK is very simple and easy. You just need to download the APK or Mod APK file from the download page of our website and tap on it for installation. When the installation is done, you can play the game.

Is Episodes Mod APK for PC works well?

Yes, our given Mod APK works well for both phone and PC. You just need to download and install it anywhere you want to use it.

Is this game free or paid?

This game is free but some assets of this game are paid. But you can get all these assets free in our provided Mod APK.


Episode Mod Apk is the most addictive and diverse storyline game to play out there. Huge options to customization regarding characters and stories bring this application to the next level. Online storyline mode is more fun and enjoyable to play. So, what are you waiting for? Go, ahead and install this fantastic game right now.

What's new

  • New romantic adventures and kissing styles are also upgraded.
  • Alanna has now migrated to France to fulfil her dream to become a model.
  • Now players have access to new storylines in the category section.
  • Online compatibility and lags have been improved from the previous app version.
  • Graphical representation and resolution have been improved as compared to its predecessor version.



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