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Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK is basically a role-playing game in which players are the master of the fantasy dragon world where players have to train their dragons to fight for them in the battles. Players can purchase various kinds of dragon eggs.

After purchasing those eggs, players have to wait till the egg hatches and baby dragons come out. Those baby dragons can be raised by feeding them different food items. Once the dragons grew up, you could train them in your practice arena of dragons. Your trained dragons will fight in battles for you, and they’ll glorify you with victory.

Dragon Mania Legends Apk Gameplay

Dragon Mania Legends is very straightforward and strategic. In the beginning, players will only get a few eggs and some land to raise their dragons. Players have to take care of their dragon eggs until they hatch. Players have to use an egg hatcher machine to hatch their dragon eggs.

Once the eggs are hatched, you will see beautiful baby dragons in front of your eyes. Players must have to raise those baby dragons with proper care and diets. Also. players can feed their baby dragons with fruits, vegetables, and different small insects. Players have to raise and take care of their dragons until they grow up ultimately. Once you’ve raised your dragon, then you can train your dragon’s different combat and invading skills.

Once you have trained your dragons, those dragons will fight for you in different arenas and battle tournaments. Players can also create their city full of dragons; players can make buildings, bridges, farms, and corrals for their dragons. Winning the battles will reward you with different prizes like coins, gems, and food for your hungry dragons. Those earned coins can also be used for purchasing new dragon species or other upgrades for your dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends Apk Features:

Massive Variety Of Dragons Species:

  • Dragon mania legends contain a tremendously massive variety of various dragon species. There are more than three hundred different species of dragons. Players also can produce a hybrid species of the dragon by Mating two different Dragon species. In this way, players would be able to generate the new hybrid species of dragons.

Create Your Fantasy City Of Dragons:

  • Players can use their raised dragons to invade their enemies and get the lands for themselves. You can create your whole dragon island in the fantasy world. Develop different training centers and arenas for your dragon. Teach your dragons new and different skills each day and become the master of the dragon city. Players can also invade other players, Vikings and animals to gain more islands for their beloved dragons.

Strategic Battles:

  • Players can also fight various battles and tournaments with their raised dragons. You are winning the battles. We will reward you with new dragon species and other precious things like coins, gems and food for your dragons. The battles require lots of strategies, including your power and mind tactics, to defeat the opponents. You can use different powers of your dragons like fire breath, powerful slams and blasters.

Tips To Play:

  • Feed your dragons a proper until they grow up ultimately, and then use them to fight for your victory.
  • Feeding and taking care of your dragons will reward you with extra coins and Gems.
  • Regularly check the upgrades in the store. Regularly upgrade the skills of your dragons to make them stronger and unbeatable on the battlefield.
  • Purchase different islands and build your fantasy world on them. Create your city filled with different species of dragons and become the master of the city.
  • Collect different species of dragons from other cities. There are more than three different species of dragons.
  • Players must have a stable internet connection to play this game online with their friends on Facebook or email accounts.
  • Players must have two gigabytes of Ram and 140 megabytes of free storage in their smartphones to run this game.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk features unlimited coins, gems, and food for your baby dragons. Mod version of the dragon has lots of new and exciting species of dragons and monsters. All the dragon species can be raised and upgraded into a tremendously giant adult dragon.

The unlimited money can be used for purchasing new upgrades and new eggs of different egg species. Players can also use the money to purchase and build their island of dragons. Players have access to build new fountains, castles, bridges, and landmarks in their city. Users can also compete with their friends by signing up with their social media accounts. Compete in different arenas and win different prizes and upgrades.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Features:

Unlocked Dragons:

  • Mod apk of Dragon Mania Legends features unlocked new dragon species which you’ve seen before. Users can easily own a new dragon without spending any coins or gems from their game account. Feed your dragons a good diet and prepare them for battles.

Unlimited Coins And Gems:

  • Now players have access to unlimited coins and Gems. Players can purchase whatever they want from the store by using the Mod Apk of Dragon Mania Legends. These gems and coins can be used for making purchases of different Dragon species and other upgrades.

Dragon Mania Legends Download Guide:

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to hatch the dragon eggs in the game?

It’s effortless; just purchase different Dragon eggs from the store and put them into the hatching machine. Maintain the temperature of the machine, and eggs will hatch very soon.

How to raise the baby dragons?

Baby dragons require a lot of care like other pets; players have to feed the baby dragons a proper diet to make them grow.

How to make the dragons more strong for the battles?

Purchase new upgrades to enhance dragons’ power and train your dragons but recruit them into random small challenges.


Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk is an epic role-playing game in which players can become the master of the fantasy dragon world. This is the best strategy game you could find on the internet. So, if you are not playing the game yet then download and install dragon mania legends Apk on your smartphone right now and enjoy the unlimited fun for free.

What's new

  • New species of ox dragon is also included in the newer update. Players can also celebrate the new year in dragon land.
  • The performance of the game has been enhanced by removing graphical problems and other screen freezes.
  • New various species of dragons also added to the newer update.
  • New challenges and random events are included in the newer update of dragon mania legend.



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