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Dragon City Mod Apk is a very fascinating and mesmerizing game with spectacular RPG and 3d visual graphics. Players can download it for free. This game features a wide variety of dragon species and exotic levitating islands, enhancing the user experience.
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Download Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City MOD APK is basically a role-playing and RPG adventure game where players have to collect various dragons. Players have to purchase the dragon’s eggs and wait until it hatches and the baby dragon pops out.

Players have to raise those baby dragons on their farms. Once your dragon has grown, you can create a whole army of dragons to win the battles. However, it is a fun and enjoyable process to see a dragon growing day by day. Collect species of dragons with different powers.

Dragon City Apk Gameplay

Dragon City is based on the collection of various dragon species. Players are just like trainers and caretakers of the dragon species. Players can collect different Dragon eggs by discovering and winning the battles. Found dragon eggs can be raised on the farm. Once the eggs hatch, you can raise the baby dragons by simply feeding them different foods like fruits, vegetables, and other small animals.

As you continue feeding your baby dragons, they will grow more and more day by day. It’s an enjoyable process to raise baby dragons to completely grown adult dragons. Once your dragons have grown completely, you can build a strong army of dragons, and you can use those dragons to fight for your sake in the battle.

The more dragons you have in your army; the more chances you will win the battles. Winning the battles will reward you with coins, diamonds, and Gems. Those coins and Gems can be used to purchase more dragon eggs and food for the baby dragons. Players can build their own city of dragons on the different levitating islands. You can create your own castles, buildings, and farms for your dragon

Dragon City Apk Features:

Various Dragon Species:

  • Dragon City features the various and different mesmerizing species of dragons from ancient times. Players can collect different Dragon eggs and raise them on their farms. Players can also create the cross-species breed of dragons by mutation. This game features a wide variety of dragon species like a bohemian dragon, dragon, dual head dragon, legacy dragon, titan dragon, and wind dragon.

Fights And Rewards:

  • Players must have to raise their dragons until they grow up properly. Once they have grown completely, they can be used for battles and fights with your enemies. Winning the battles and tournaments will reward you with coins, golds, diamonds, and different food items as a feeling source for your dragons.

Exotic Locations:

  • Dragon City application features lots of exotic locations and breathtakingly beautiful islands. According to their selection, these islands are levitating in the air, and players can customize these islands and locations. Players can build castles, farms, buildings, tournament arenas, bridges, and houses on the levitating islands and increase their assets. Also, players can create their own farm to hatch eggs and raise their dragons until they grow up ultimately. Players can own different islands and locations by using the earned golds and coins from the battles.

Tips To Play:

  • Create a proper environment for harvesting the dragon eggs to give them moderate heat to hatch at the proper time.
  • Feed your baby dragons different foods like fruits and vegetables to grow them properly.
  • The fighting abilities of dragons can be enhanced by using upgradable and other rewards. Enhancing the dragon’s powers and abilities can help you survive in the battles for a more extended period of time.
  • Unlock different dragons to increase your strategic strength in the battles. The new dragon features exceptional abilities to attack and enhanced fire breath.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City MOD features unlimited coins, golds, diamonds, and food items for your dragons. Mod version allows you to enhance your collection of various dragons by using unlimited coins and rewards.

The game becomes more exciting and easier to play when you don’t have to worry about gathering coins and rewards to fulfill your desired achievements. Mod of Dragon City also features new exotic locations and levitating islands where you can build your own castles, houses, bridges, dragon farms, tournament arenas, and many other things that you could possibly imagine.

Dragon City Mod allows its users to play limitlessly as much as they want to play. Players also have access to new seasons and other upgradable of the game. Resolutions of this game are customizable according to the compatibility of smartphones. The game requires 120 megabytes of space in your phone’s storage to run this game. Your Android must have at least one gigabyte of Ram to run this application.

Dragon City Mod Features:

Unlimited Diamonds:

  • Dragon City features unlimited gems and diamonds. These diamonds can be used for reviving the health line in battles. This thing can increase the chances of victory in the battles effortlessly.

Unlocked Dragon Characters:

  • With mod of dragon city apk, players have access to all new dragon characters for absolutely free. Now players don’t have to complete the quest and challenges to unlock their favorite dragon characters because mod APK provides them with an already unlocked wide variety of dragons.

Dragon City Download Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download and install the Dragon City Apk?

Please tap on the virtual download button and wait until it gets downloaded; after downloading, tap on the APK file and select the install option. Your file will be installed in no time, and then you can play the game.

Is it safe to install?

It is entirely safe and Android-friendly to download this file on your device..

How to Download the Mod Apk of dragon city?

The process is absolutely the same as above, you need to tap on the download option of Mod APK, and you install mod APK from your file manager..

Does Dragon City Modify Version work correctly?

Yes, it works fine without any problem.


Dragon City Mod Apk is a very fascinating and mesmerizing game with spectacular RPG and 3d visual graphics. Players can download it for free. This game features a wide variety of dragon species and exotic levitating islands, enhancing the user experience.

What's new

  • This application has been improved as compared to its predecessor version. Now the game's visuals are Lags free, and old Glitches and bugs are removed to make your experience better.
  • The new update features new dragon species, which can be collected by winning tournaments and battles. Also, new upgrades are available for the new dragon species; you could raise them to experience the new battling adventure.
  • New locations and islands are also added to the newer update. Now players can enjoy new exciting locations and build their own city on them.



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