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Crush Them All Mod Apk is the most adventurous and thrilling role-playing game you can enjoy playing with your friends and family members. Fight the battle against the evil monsters and glorify your team with victory.
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Crush Them All Mod Apk

Crush Them All MOD APK is an adventurous fantasy role-playing game. This game features glorious knight warriors, Vikings, and other power characters who fight with gigantic evil monsters in the hostile lands. The adventure is limitless with this game, and players have to save the world from the evil monster and creature for the sake of peace and justice. Recruit the warriors and knights in your team and fight the battle against evil. Players can also recruit other real players by joining online with their Facebook or Google accounts. Build a strong army against the gigantic villains.

Crush Them All Apk Gameplay

Crushing Them All is idle role-playing in nature. This means the game will keep running and operating itself in the background. Players can also leave the game on autoplay mode and enjoy the adventure along with doing other tasks. Players have to build an army of heroes, knights, and warriors to fight with their enemies and win the battles. Join the game along with your friends or relatives by signing up with your social media accounts.

Players have the options to collect hundreds of new heroes and characters with different and unique attacking abilities. Use different combinations to create powerful attacks. The game contains thousands of different and unique levels, making this game even more exciting to play. Also, players can gather up to fifty different artefacts to make new powerful weapons for their characters.

Crush Them All Apk Features:

Adventurous Levels:

  • Crush Them All contains thousands of unique levels and stages. All the levels are filled with exotic locations and mesmerizing sceneries. Every time you pass through any level, you’ll have to face more challenges and difficult boss fights. Winning each level will also reward you with different prizes, coins and achievements, which will help you prepare for the upcoming level.

Unique Characters:

  • Players have the options to select hundreds of unique Playable characters. These characters include pirates, angels, knights, warriors, Vikings, and also other creatures with tremendously powerful abilities to fight with the enemies. Players can create hundreds of different and powerful weapons by collecting different artefacts and gears for their characters.

Idle Gameplay:

  • Now players don’t have to stay focused on the game continuously. Players can recruit the member of their team and fight epic battles with bosses. You could leave the game as it is and do other works while your characters will keep fighting for you and Try to win the matches. The game keeps running in the background even if you close the game.

Online Support:

  • One of the most key features of crushing them all apk that it has online gameplay support. You recruit real players in the game by signing up with your social media account. Playing the game along with friends and family is a more enjoyable and fun process to do. Online gameplay will also make your team stronger and undefeatable against the enemies and gigantic bosses.

Tips To Play:

  • Players must have toupgrade their characters after clearing each level to prepare themselves for the upcoming dangerous level.
  • Also, players can leave the game open and perform other tasks. The crush them all feature idle gameplay, which means the game will operate independently without any assistance.
  • Players must have a compatible Android smartphone to play this game. The phone must have 2 gigabytes of Ram and more than 200 megabytes free space in its storage.
  • It would help if you had a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection to play online along with your friends or relatives.
  • Try different combinations of powerful attacks to assassinate the gigantic boss.
  • Use the earned coins for unlocking new location and characters. Each character in the game has its own ability to assassinate enemies with different supernatural powers. Discover new powers and fighting skills and save the world from the evil monster.

Crushing Them All Mod Apk

Crushing Them All Mod Apk features unlimited coins and Gems, which will help you regain your health in the game as much time you want. You could also unlock new arenas and levels by using unlimited coins and Gems. Mod version of crushing them all features hundreds of newly unlocked characters. All these new characters possess mesmerizing abilities, power, and new fighting skills, which are completely seamless.

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Crush Them All Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

  • Now players don’t have to worry about losing their lives during the battles with enemies just because of a shortage of money. The mod of crushing them all gives you the liberty to use unlimited coins and Gems, which will help help you revive your health anytime and anywhere within a matter of a few seconds.

Unlocked Heroes:

  • Crush them all mod features unlocked characters and heroes. Now players also don’t have to stick with old characters. New characters look elegant in appearance have seamless supernatural powers that could easily knock out the enemies within a few seconds.

Unlocked Locations:

  • Now, players have access to many premia unlocked levels for absolutely free. Also, you can easily pay the premium and adventurers level without making any efforts to achieve them. Moreover, new levels contain exotic locations and powerful boss fights, which are really refreshing and enjoyable in terms of gameplay.

Crush Them All Download Guide:

Crush Them All Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

How to win the boss fights?

Try to attack with different combinations of power blast and dodge every single attack from the evil boss.

How to make a strong team against powerful enemies?

Recruit the original players in your team by signing up with your Facebook or Google account and invite them to join your team.

How to build new weapons for characters?

Always try to gather artefacts and craft them as powerful weapons for your character.


Crush Them All Mod Apk is the most adventurous and thrilling role-playing game you can enjoy playing with your friends and family members. Fight the battle against the evil monsters and glorify your team with the victory.

What's new

  • The newer update features lots of new heroes and characters, which comes with great abilities to fight with the enemies.
  • The newer update contains new gigantic bosses, which are way more powerful than the previous one.
  • Crush them all features new and exciting stages, which are way more adventurous than before.
  • Players will also see suggestions for playing the game in a better way.



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