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Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk is the unique food cooking and restaurant renovation game that you could get for your Android device. Compete in different challenges.Also test your skills and become the master chef.
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Download Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk

Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk

Cooking Master Fever MOD APK is an entertaining role-playing game for Android and IOS platforms. Players have to cook all types of different cuisines in the given time and serve them appropriately to their customers. Players have to learn the correct proportion of other recipes for various food items. Each dish has its own cook time, so players need to understand the scenarios for all types of different recipes.

The game features a tremendously wide variety of food types like fast food, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, and other Indian dishes. Players can fulfill their dream of becoming a chef with a cooking master game. The game has stunning visuals and color graphical resolutions, making the game more attractive for all types of people.

Cooking Master Fever Apk Gameplay

Cooking Master Fever Apk is very straightforward. Also players have to start their journey through the small restaurant as a local chef. Also, players have to customize and redecorate the restaurant and especially the kitchen. Players have to make basic fast food like hamburgers, French fries, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Also, players have to improve local restaurants’ business and increase the income by making delicious food and providing good quality service to the customers. Also players will be able to earn more money by redecorating the restaurant and improving the local recipe of food. After enhancing the one restaurant, Players will move on to another restaurant for more renovation work.

As you pass through each restaurant, your level will go up, and you will be able to learn different types of foods and cuisines. Learning other cooking will upgrade your skill and chef’s level while renovating different restaurants will help you to earn more money. The game contains endless challenges and missions which will never let you get bored by the gameplay.

Cooking Master Fever Apk Features:

Exotic Cuisines:

  • Cooking Master Fever game brings you into the world of exotic cuisines, where you can learn to cook foods of different cuisines from all around the world. Begin your journey with the essential fast foods and desserts, Also including hamburgers, pizza, French fries, nuggets, grilled barbecue, and grilled chicken breast. In contrast, in desserts, you’ll learn to make ice cream, chocolate lava cake, pastries, and cookies. As you overcome the essential cuisine, then you’ll be moved to learn different cuisines from all around the world, including Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, and many others.

Exotic Cuisines:

  • Cooking master fever apk game features a map full of different types of restaurants. Also Players have to work in each restaurant for a limited amount of time to redecorate and renovate the poor and ugly-looking restaurants. Players have to turn those ugly-looking places into superclass fast-food restaurants. Also, players have to change the kitchen settings and work on the interior decoration of restaurants by using their own creativity. 

Exciting Challenges:

  • Cooking master is filled with enjoyable and exciting challenges and missions. Also play your role as a crazy and creative master chef. Invent new food items by joining different combinations of various recipes. Your creativity and taste in food can get you more scores and ranks. Serve the correct order to the massive queue of customers and earn lots of money and achievements.

Tips To Play:

  • Players have to serve the correct order to customers to earn more points. Serving the wrong order to customers will reduce the money from your account and downgrade your level. Also make sure you provide the proper meal to your customers in real-time. 
  • Experiment with different recipes to create new dishes. Also your newly created dishes and meals can get you more points and help you earn more money. 
  • Use your own creativity to renovate the restaurants. Design the exterior and interior and decorate them according to your choices. Your imagination can make the restaurant look more beautiful and attractive. The stunning building design and gorgeous interior will bring more customers, helping you make more money.

Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk

Cooking Master Fever Mod is a unique food cooking and restaurant renovation-related game. The developers tried to make a unique experience of gaming for its users. The playing procedure is straightforward. You begin your career journey as a chef. You go to restaurants to learn new dishes and renovate the ugly-looking restaurants to beautiful and sleek-looking restaurants, and you earn money from it.

The modify version of cooking master provides you with unlimited money, which you can use to unlock new restaurant locations on the magical map and enjoy the new and exciting levels. Now players don’t have to complete the random boring events to earn money. Mod APK of a cooking master allows you to buy whatever you want and decorate restaurants’ interior limitlessly.

Cooking Master Fever Mod Features:

Unlocked Map:

  • All the restaurants on the magical maps are already unlocked with the mod of the Cooking master. Now players don’t have to strive for achievements and coins to unlock all the new exciting restaurants and places. You can begin with a level you want without any restrictions.

Unlimited Money:

  • Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk features unlimited money, which means also you can easily buy all types of achievements and gear for your characters. You can directly get access to the high rank of a master chef without gaining any experience.

Cooking Master Fever MOD Download Guide:

Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make new dishes in the cooking master game?

Always try to add some different ingredients or recipes make new dishes.

How to get ideas for the renovation of restaurants?

You can also see multiple suggestions of design suggested by the game or you simply be creative with your designs.

How to serve correctly without ruining the food?

Take the order from the customer and serve them in right proportion within given time.


Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk is the unique food cooking and restaurant renovation game that you could get for your Android device. Compete in different challenges. Also test your skills and become the master chef.

What's new

  • The newer updated version of cooking madness features recent Eastern events. Players can roll up the prize wheel to win different achievements and prizes.
  • The resolutions and graphics of the game have been improved as compared to its predecessor version. 
  • The newer update also includes Easter egg coloring events. So don't forget to update the game and enjoy random events. 



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