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Adorable Home Mod Apk allows people to imagine and fulfil their dreams, enabling them to survive in the real world. It's time to start a new chapter with a fantastic partner and some beautiful felines. Feel free to build a beautiful life for yourself, to enjoy it, and to be content.
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Dec 6, 2022
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Adorable Home Mod Apk

Adorable Home MOD APK is a life simulation game in which players can design their ideal home, complete with furniture, plants, and adorable pets, as well as a caring spouse, all in a simplistic but charming aesthetic. You start the game by choosing a character for yourself and another for your partner. There are eight characters to choose from, and it’s cool that the game lets players play with partners of the same sex.

Adorable Home Apk Gameplay

You, your girlfriend, and your cute cat are transported to a new home to begin a new life. Your ambition is to decorate and upgrade your Home using only the bare necessities and the Love you receive from your partner and pet. Taking care of them both earns you Love, and Love is the currency you use to buy more cats and furniture for your house.

More furniture and decorations draw in more tourists, and getting more cats increases your chances of earning affection. As you make progress in your Home, capture special moments and revisit each memory as proof of your achievements. Adorable Home doesn’t have any complicated mechanics, and you can play at your speed. The mini-games you play while tending to each of your cats for more Love are perhaps the game’s greatest challenge.

Adorable Home Apk Features:

Write Your Love Story:

  • You can select a character to portray you and a character to be your mate at the games’ start. You may select any character, including two male or female characters, in a homosexual love story. It’s all up to you.


  • The game’s only currency is Love. It assists you in paying for all of your expenses. You will get Love by taking care of cats, cooking dinner, watching commercials on TV, and so on. By watching advertisements, you can get up to 5 times a day. Additionally, you can purchase Love with cash.

Decorate Your Home:

  • When you first moved into your house, all you had was a couch, a blanket, a television, and a coffee table. It’s a bit run-down and lacking in amenities. Purchase additional furniture to make your home more modern.

Tips To Play:

  • Having more cats is the best way to gain more hearts. You’ll start with one cat named Snow, and it’ll be up to you to buy the other 12 cats. Bathe, pet, and trim their nails are all options. They will send you hearts for each task you complete, and you can save more by tapping the yellow button. Beginners will be tempted to spend their hearts on appliances, furniture, and house decorations, but you must first save up 3,000 hearts to access the garden area.
  • If visitors arrive, tap their heads and engage in conversation with them. You can now shop for the items you want to customize your house once you have a garden that produces many hearts.
  • You can win more hearts by “reading the papers” or watching more advertisements. Also, you can watch ten commercials a day, each of which gives you 50 hearts.
  • Also, Adorable Home displays the five-day weather forecast, and you can earn more hearts by simply tapping the weather report. Rainy days attract fewer hearts than sunny days.
  • You can also prepare food for your partner in the game. Before your loved one goes to work, make a bento box for them. If you made the right food combinations, your partner would give you more hearts.

Adorable Home Mod Apk

Adorable Home Mod Apk is a simulation game with an endless supply of affection. When you log in for the second time in this mod game, you will receive unconditional Love. In the store, you can get all of the things for free. In a nutshell, the mod version of adorable home apk will improve your enjoyment of the game.

Adorable Home Mod Features:

Unlimited Love:

  • The adorable home mod apk includes limitless Love, which you are in desperate need of. Users can easily win Love without having to spend any money.

Free To Buy Items:

  • Adorable Home is a life simulation game in which players can design their dream home and fill it with furniture, plants, and adorable pets. In the MOD apk, players can purchase any of the things in the shop for free.

Adorable Home Download Guide:

Adorable Home Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we keep track of all animal visitors and their details?

It’s not easy to attract animal tourists, but with our help, you can do it. Of course, the first step in attracting animal tourists is to purchase a 3,000-heart garden from the supermarket. Return to the store and browse at the garden section. Thousands of different objects, ranging from flowers to trees and furniture, are available for purchase.

How to have all moment in an adorable Home?

Collect all of the cats, all of the furniture and accessories, and all of the rooms in Adorable Home to unlock all available moments. The more you get, the more range of moments you’ll see.

What is the total number of moments in-game available?

Hyperbeard has never stated a maximum number of different moments, and the game has never stated one. Assume for the time being that the game has an infinite number of moments. New moments will be added to Adorable Home every time an update adds more material.

Can a player divorce his/her partner and swap characters?

Go to the configuration menu, then characters, abandon your partner or switch out all of your characters. You can exchange your characters for 1,000 love. You can hold one or both of them.


Adorable Home Mod Apk allows people to imagine and fulfill their dreams, enabling them to survive in the real world. It’s time to start a new chapter with a fantastic partner and some beautiful felines. Feel free to build a beautiful life for yourself, enjoy it, and be content.

What's new

  • The latest redesign includes new living room furniture, such as a sofa, chairs, and other accessories, as well as new pieces to make your garden more appealing to look at.
  • Anyone who launches the game after installing the update will receive 1000 gift hearts from HyperBeard.



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